Battery life 12th gen vs 13th gen

Battery life test: 13th Gen Intel Core vs 12th Gen Intel Core | Framework - YouTube

Nearly 12 hours for the 13th gen.


Looking at the video, at 31:46 (Stopwatch at 2:06:08), the visual brightness seem to be different between the two units. Do they have the same brightness curve? 30% brightness actually give out the same actual emitted brightness?

It might just be Glossy (left) vs Matte (right).

Also the matte screen actually has better brightness (nits) per the notebookcheck review. So given the same percentage the matte screen will actually be somewhat brighter.

FYI these are the details from the video description:

Framework Laptop 13 (12th Gen Intel Core) specs:
512GB storage
16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 memory 
Battery - 55Wh 
WiFi 6E 
Windows 11 Home 
Expansion Cards: USB-A, USB-C (2x), HDMI 

Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen Intel Core) specs: 
512GB storage
16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 memory 
Battery - 61Wh 
WiFi 6E 
Windows 11 Home 
Expansion Cards: USB-A, USB-C (2x), HDMI (3rd Gen)

Both laptops are set to 30% brightness, set to "Best power efficiency" in Windows, and have airplane mode on, running Big Buck Bunny at 1080p in a loop in Windows Movies & TV.

There’s a 3rd gen already? I thought there’s only the new (2nd) gen that incorporates the idle/disconnected power consumption hardware fix on top of the firmware part of that same fix.

Yep - see:

Framework | Testing the battery life of Framework Laptop 13 (13th Gen (“A key ingredient for power savings: HDMI (3rd Gen) Expansion Card”)

Here are battery life numbers, when compensating for the battery capacity.
13th gen offers 6.7% longer battery life at the same capacity.

Bold numbers are the measured values.

Battery 12th gen 13th gen
55 Wh 593 min 633 min +40 min
61 Wh 657 min 703 min +46 min
+64 min +70 min
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The panel model on Notebookcheck for the 12th and 13th gen are the same “BOE CQ NE135FBM-N41”. The brightness distribution of the 13th gen is 3% poorer, though it does have a higher average brightness…between those two specific units (not models).

It’s a lucky draw thing I think, likely without manufacturing tolerances.

That’s to say, it’s not clear if the two specific units in the YouTube video have the same panel characteristics.

@Framework, would it be possible to share additional details of the setup:

  1. Windows build version
  2. Installed Windows patches
  3. Drivers’ versions
  4. Process / task list, or list of started Windows services.

The 13th gen 11h43m is really impressive! :heart_eyes:

Also, were the speakers in use (and volume level)? The webcam and mic were connected / enabled as well, right?

I want to see 13th gen vs AMD once available.


Do we know what BIOS the 12th Gen was running? I assume the newer one that hasn’t been released, only because of the sometimes bad outcomes / WIP status in 12th Gen Intel Core BIOS 3.06 Beta - #216 by Patrick_Hartman.

I’d really love to get the bigger battery for my old 12th Gen, but obviously would like to know it’ll be on a more stable BIOS.

Will Framework be doing a similar test for the one of the officially supported Linux distro between the 12th and 13th gen?

This could serve as a baseline for Linux land expectation.

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