Looking for a specsheet on the screen before ordering

All I’ve found so far is:

  • Glossy screen w/ anti-glare coating
  • 13.5"
  • 2256x1504
  • 100% sRGB color gamut
  • > 400 nit

Panel type, Refresh rate, Response time, viewing angles, HDR, Contrast, and bezel size.

Literally the only thing stopping me from ordering one immediately.

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We shared some more information in a blog post recently here: https://frame.work/blog/display-and-customizable-bezels

It’s an IPS panel with 60Hz refresh and 30ms rise+fall time.

Viewing angles are specified as 170 degrees horizontal and vertical, though in practice you can see it all the way to edge-on.

Contrast is 1500:1.

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Awesome! thank you for the quick update!

Any plans to have a higher refresh rate screen? Now that’s the only thing holding me back :stuck_out_tongue:

Why tho? There is no dedicated gpu inside and the screen resolution is not exactly small. This is not a gaming laptop and since it is no touch screen, 30ms response times are mighty fine. On top, on 13inch laptops it is even harder to notice higher refresh rates, than on larger ones.

Really, why would you want more. I could understand an OLED request maybe or for workstations with dedicated gpu, but going for more than 60hz on a productivity and mobility machine hurts more than it benefits it, imo. Don’t forget that they consume more energy as well.

I type 100-140 wpm (380-650 characters per minute, or ~5-10 per second) I like low latency, fast response. Makes the machine feel faster overall. 60hz or less is very noticeable to me.

And sure, it has the potential to reduce the battery life, but that’s something I can live with. It comes down to personal preferences for sure. Just like people asking for a matte display. Though if the anti-shine is anything like most of the modern laptop panels it’ll be perfectly fine outdoors.

I currently use a 21:9 3440x1440 1ms response 144hz display with integrated graphics on my primary workstation. 4-16 terminal windows +/- a VScode window per virtual display~(9virtual displays) and however many browser windows. All of this auto-sorted, sized, etc by a tiling window manager through popOS. Runs fine lol.

One comparison from my 2017 Razer Blade Stealth: https://www.panelook.com/LQ133Z1JW26_Sharp_13.3_LCM_parameter_38044.html, the framework manages to pack a better-contrast better for 13" res AND 3:2 screen for an incredible price. Any laptop I’m looking at in the next year or two is competing against VR headsets now, same reason I’m hesitant for new monitors.

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Maybe in future having a 90ish Hz panel upgrade/option would be nice, especially with more phones moving towards 90Hz. Even just in everyday use its nice to have some more refresh rate, and the Xe graphics should be able to handle it outside of gaming.

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I agree, using a WQHD 144Hz IPS panel, it’s not only nice for gaming. Everything just feels snappier. Going from 60 to 90Hz would be nice, i guess it might be diminishing returns beyond that?

@alto based on the info given, I’m 99% sure this is the panel https://m.panelook.com/NE135FBM-N41_BOE_13.5_LCM_overview_44979.html