Battery Life improvement I5 1340p / 55WHr Battery

Hi, I’m looking desperately for a review concerning the battery life of the 13th gen edition with the smaller 55Whr batteries? every review I found that talks about Battery life improvement, always used a version with the bigger battery.

are there any battery life benefits to the 13th gen i5 over the 12th gen i5 ?

So just subtract ~10% from the results and you got 55wh equivalents. The bigger battery has 6 more watt-hours, that’s it. If the power draw changes from the slightly higher battery voltage are non negligible framework messed up something big time.

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This Framework review from Ars Technica talks about battery life improvements when coupling a 13th Gen Core i7 with the 55WH battery: Review: Framework Laptop’s 13th-gen Intel upgrade helps fix its battery problem | Ars Technica


Hi @strouze
Are you considering to buy a framework laptop?

@Gary_S linked to an excellent article that compares the 12th and 13th gen in all aspects, including battery life.

I own the 12th gen i5, I consistently get ~6 hour on battery, depending on what I am doing, getting the newer bigger battery alone will be a significant improvement for me.


i just ordered an intel i5 1340p model.

i found this article before but haven’t looked at all the slides though.

cool, welcome to the framework guild.

That’s fine, gist of it is, bigger battery + better power management on never chips offer significantly more on battery life. Article claims ~10 hour. If true in real world use, this will be a good improvement.

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I have an 11th Gen i5 DIY with the latest firmware, Windows 11 Pro, no external display, 3 USB-C, 1 1TB USB storage module, 32GB (2x16GB)of RAM, and an SK Hynix 500GB NVMe unit. I get at least 5 hours of medium use; 2 chrome profiles w/ associated Google Workspace apps running simultaneously, plus OneDrive in the background, connected to 802.11 ac WiFi, opening and closing applications (Outlook, Excel, Slitheris, etc.). Power profile is set to “Balanced”, screen at 50% brightness. I disabled the power management for WiFi and USB to avoid weird errors with device sleep while the laptop is awake.
I say medium use because my screen is typically off for 30-40% of the time, and “at least 5 hours” because that’s the longest I’ve used it unpowered continuously. At the end of 5 hours I still have more than 30% battery showing, but I can’t say how long that actually represents.
It’s really, really hard to give anyone expected battery life estimates, because my “moderate” usage might not even begin to impinge on someone else’s “light” usage, and I find battery run-down tests to be completely worthless for estimating “bursty” workloads, which is what I typically use.
With that proviso, the i5 is pretty parsimonious unless you’re running it at max a lot of the time, in my experience, and I suspect the 13th Gen is even more so. I’ll probably upgrade the battery to larger capacity when it is readily available for some “just in case” capacity but for my on-again off-again usage, the 11th gen has been more than adequate.

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