Battery-related questions on Framework Laptop 13

Can I equip 61Wh battery on Framework Laptop 13 with AMD Ryzen 5 7640U? How much it does go long time after fully charged? Is there any issue about battery swelling when charging the laptop is continued after fully charged?

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All Ryzen 5 systems include the 55Wh battery. Only Ryzen 7 systems include the 61Wh battery.

No laptop, phone, tablet, or other proper li-ion device will continue charging after it reaches 100%. To safely charge, li-ion chemistry requires an intelligent charge controller that stops at 100%.

If you wish, Framework Laptops have an option in the BIOS to limit charge / stop at a lower percentage than 100, but this is really just to prolong battery life in situations where the laptop is plugged in the majority of the time. Since li-ion batteries age faster when kept full 24/7.


So if I buy the Ryzen 5 laptop and replace the battery from 55Wh to 61Wh, is it possible?

Have all Framework laptops such intelligent charge controller?

I bewared that after change my laptop to Framework some battery swelling issue could happen to me.

Yes, you can do that.


Some limited amount of swelling appears to be normal / not harmful for li-ions over the course of their life. But some companies pack their devices so tightly that they provide zero room for it, and so the device will bulge, just poor design honestly. I read that Framework Laptops are designed with room.

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Thanks. So could I regard that there is no problem about battery swelling even though my laptop is plugged in almost all time? How about the battery duration of 55/61Wh?

From this : Framework 13 AMD 7040U review about 10h.

@Cleber Thanks.