Battery slowly drains when completely shut down

Yeah, I get it. And despite my curmudgeonly griping here, the Framework laptop is so awesome in so many ways. This particular bug is just painful for my use case.


Remember, if you’re using linux you can reboot directly into the bios by entering this in the terminal: systemctl reboot --firmware-setup

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Yeah, Linux is good like that. But I only do this once a month, so I’m sure I’ll forget (just like last time) to boot back into bios. Regardless, I’m hoping this is a short-term work around. If this issue is fixed, I’ll sit down, shut my mouth, and be plenty happy with the laptop.

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We have a fix for the high battery drain when powered down that will be released in bios 3.08.


@Kieran_Levin Excellent news indeed! And kudos on open-sourcing the firmware too.


Incredible! Eagerly waiting for it :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Just in case, could it somehow affect/improve the situation with battery drain during normal sleep?


Is there a way to receive notifications for new BIOS/driver bundles? I’m also excited for 3.08!

I typically run my laptop plugged and then shut it down charged. Either in Windows 11 or Ubuntu latest. I also regularly find my battery fully discharged the next time I power up the system. Am I loosing my mind? Is there a BIOS setting that is messed up? Is my battery bad? I don’t get great run time but I don’t spent a lot of time on it. I haven’t used it much since I purchased it as it is my home device. What to try next?

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Well that would be good. Is there any work around till then? Or is my only option to store it plugged in if I want it to be charged on bit up?

From 100% to 0% fully powered off would take months, going off of another user reporting ~6% drain per week.

Given the very long time between boots, the temporary workaround for now would be to disconnect the battery from the BIOS before shutting down. Note that re-attaching AC will re-enable the battery, and you must do so next time you want to boot.

Oh no this is dead after 5 days powered off. If it was weeks I wouldn’t have posted.

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Make sure it’s actually fully off then, and not on standby. 100% over 5 days powered off is abnormal.

Another data point for you guys here: I received my batch 8 laptop. Charged it fully to 90% (limit set in bios), and then went on holiday for a week with the laptop switched off and unplugged. After the week the battery was still at 84%, which is perfectly acceptable and expected for me.

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I too have this issue, I don’t use my laptop daily, I just keep it in my backpack in case I need it… After a week at most two, the laptop will go from 100% to so dead the Red ring around the power button doesn’t even light up. I haven’t tried removing the modules to see if that helps… but I shouldn’t need to do that.

I work in IT and deal with Dell laptops daily, I can grab most laptops off the shelf from our decommisioned pile after months and they’ll still have a charge.

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Thanks for the follow up @Charles_Fairchild and everyone else. @feesh Should I attempt to RMA the battery then? Like I said a week or two would be fine. But we are talking about several days and I am validating that it is powered off not just asleep.

Hello all!
I just received my brand new Framework and installed last version of Manjaro on it. I have battery drain problems when sleeping (lost ~90% in 24 hours), did I miss something?
Battery seems to not lose any charge when powered off completely.

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Yep, unfortunately, I therefore use a s2idle (default) and deep sleep combo, which switches after 1 hour of being in s2idle. This let’s me drop about 12-16% of battery over the night, i.e. about 8-9hrs (approx 2%/hour), which is half of yours… Also in case if you want more you can probably make the laptop go in hibernation after 3hours, hibernation is bad for SSD but if you turning it only after 3 hours then I think its not very much, which in theory may get you about a week or two of juice until you turn back (9% drain until 3hrs, rest on poweroff state).