Bent Frame?

The keyboard frame of my framework laptop seems to be bent. I have only been super careful when opening it the to install the initial RAM, SSD and WiFi card. It’s only maybe a millimeter or two but when I press down on the top it makes a small popping sound.

Is anyone else seeing this?

Try removing the input cover and screwing it down again but a bit tighter.

If it’s on the right side only, are the antenna wires routed correctly?

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@Edward_Gray that’s surely the issue, on this video you can see CodeHusky identify the same deviation on the right side at 37:04, then fixes it at 43:18 by opening it up again and rerouting the WiFi antenna cables


This looks like the WiFi bracket or antennas may not be seated fully as other folks are noting. Double check that it looks like the images in Framework Laptop DIY Edition Quick Start Guide - Framework Guides


Yes, it was indeed the Wi-Fi antenna wire in the way. Thank you everyone for your help! This has turned in a great little community.