Hey all! warped input cover?

Looking for any advice, my input cover seems to have warped or bent? I haven’t dropped the laptop or done anything rough with it, i baby the s**t out of this thing. I was typing an essay and went to plug in the charger cable when I noticed a gap between the input cover and the body of the laptop. This is not the case for the other side, it’s sealed properly. ill include a pic for reference. I dont mind buying a new input cover if that’s the issue. any advice is welcome. Thanks!
quick edit: this is a DIY 13th gen, it did not have this gap when i first assembled, and i opened the lappy back up and reseated the cover and it’s still not sitting properly.

I believe the antenna wires for the Wi-Fi card are right there. I would double check their routing. If they aren’t routed correctly, they can end up on top of something and prevent the cover from sitting flush right there.


Good idea - check to see that the cables are properly routed and sitting in their retainers:

and that they haven’t popped out and are sitting on top of the expansion card housing (where the QR code is printed). That’s right where the bow on your cover is, that exact spot.

The magnet on the right should pull the cover down and it isn’t.


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