Best external battery for Framework 13

I’m looking to purchase an external battery to recharge my Framework 13 on-the-go. The battery life is just not enough for me and I often find myself without an outlet to plug into.

Can anyone recommend a good, portable external battery that works well with the Framework 13? For example, one that could at least deliver half a charge in a short period of time? Thanks!

The Power Delivery protocol and internal battery decide how quick it charges, not the external source/battery, so any battery will do. You will need a DC to DC adapter like a car charger that will take from 10 to 40 volts and give out the PD demands.

The max current at 20V i.e. rapid charging is about 3Watt so any battery that can give say 6Amps at 12V.

Or do you mean a prebuilt power pack?

You should take a look at the Anker 737 external battery. It has PD charge to 140w max and should have enough juice to give you enough power until your day’s off.

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