Bezel Colors - What is your pick & a quick question about the green bezel

For those who have a Framework laptop, what color of bezel did you end up going for? Did you go for the default or did you decide to get a splash of color?

If you have a green bezel, is it a darker green or is it a lighter shade? When looking at the marketplace, it looks darker however when hovering over the image, it looks like a lighter shade of green.

Thanks in advance & looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Here’s a photo of it in action:

I have seen some people love it while others felt it was a questionable choice relative to the other color options.

I personally went for the default black. Here’s a picture of it taken by a Pixel 7


There was another post (but I can’t find it in a search) where someone has a green bezel, and it looks decidedly lighter than that picture, more a pea green. But I think the difference is just the lighting, I suspect the picture linked above is probably a more accurate colour.

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Thank you both for the information!

I went with the red, which I think is okay and not orange.

I like that it gives it an accent when closed.


Ohh that red is rather nice. Thank you for posting the photo, @AMoonRabbit

It is too bad about the green looking like a pea green shade (I was hoping for a darker one).

I have green bezel on FW13. It’s not a light or a dark green but rather, it’s simply green. I like the colour a lot, far more so than boring black or white. Also knowing that in the option choice when ordering, i’m certain not many were able to get the green as I had to specify it later by email to do the change on my order.

I also noticed on the FW16, the green bezel option is not available.

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Yeah, that is a bummer, as I would have rather liked a green bezel on my FW16. Why they don’t have the same range of colours as the FW13 seems strange to me. AIUI the only one that gave problems was the clear one, so I can understand that not being offered.

Maybe green just wasn’t that popular.

I got a grey bezel for mine. It’s a bit lighter than the silver, but I like the look combined with the clear keyboard.

Transparent looks pretty freaking sweet but they did stop selling that one.

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I had a grey bezel and ordered an additional green one. The green stripe on the closed laptop is quite stylish. I paired the bezel with a Kero Kero Keroppi wallpaper, but decided that there was such a thing as green overload.

How about a bezel made of carbon fiber?