Custom Bezels?

As we are all waiting for the the bezels in the marketplace, has anyone tried to customize their own bezel? I was thinking of getting either a marker or spray paint of a neon green and go over my black one. I think it would look cool and was wondering if anyone else thought of doing the same. If not, are there any other colors you would like to see. Personally, a green and purple would be really cool and make the laptop really pop!


I’ve been messing around with different colors and decided to do a poll of which color I should try to make at home. Which one do you guys think I should try?

  • “Green”
  • “Red”
  • “Purple”
  • “Yellow”

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After using the orange one for a while I am have to go with neither. I think the color distracted heavily from the OS/UI. I do think a white one and a clear one could be really interesting.

Am I the only one who is a little sad (possibly even bordering on frustrated/disappointed) that there still aren’t new color options for the bezel?