Bios Lagging

My bios is lagging.

Keypresses to change the screen take 1-2 seconds to register and change the screen. Sometimes it even sticks for 5 seconds.

Has anyone seen anything similar lately?

Yea I also noticed this, last time I was in the BIOS menus. I seem to remember when I took out one of my expansion cards (forgot which one it was now)…it stopped lagging until I put it back.

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It was the display port card! The problem was making the entire OS slow, but I didn’t want to post a “My Windows 11 pc is slow” type problem because then people would assume it was windows. Good to know it’s not a serious hardware problem. Time to replace that card!

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That’s one more mention of the displayport card causing flakiness. I wonder if @Framework support has seen more flakiness with this and if it’s a design issue.

imagine having to replace the whole laptop because the displayport output went bad…

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Or because of a small design flaw in 1 sub-component of the system

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Just chiming in here, I was having this same exact issue and removing the displayport expansion card immediately fixed the issue. I was also noticing the occasional stutter in both Fedora and Windows 10, which went away after pulling the module out. Definitely something odd going on with the displayport modules. Hopefully it’s something addressable with a BIOS update.

Chiming in as having the same issue, also instantly resolved when removing the displayport card. Very strange!

Same here, extreme lagging with the new 12th gen, not even able to boot. Removing it fixed the issue. My laptop is 2 days old, so it is full warranty - what do you guys do about it?

It sounds like you’re having a different, but maybe related issue as while I had latency/lag/stutter, it was totally functional and never seemed to impact booting.

For my case, I ended up RMA’ing the DisplayPort card and at this time that seems to have fixed the problem. I’ve been meaning to disassemble the old card to see if anything looks out-of-sorts, but likely there would be nothing worth seeing.

Sorry I know that isn’t super helpful, but support wasn’t bad at all beyond the usual troubleshooting, which I can certainly understand.

I also ended up doing this about a month ago. New card, same lag. Though its less frequent now than before.

Do you still experience BIOS lag with the DP beta firmware?

Specifically, the BIOS should only see a “generic USB HID device” when there’s nothing plugged into the DP card.

I will have to test that when it’s a little more than beta.

After flashing this new firmware, no I do not but also can’t say for sure if its just coincidence or whether something actually changed for the better.

I’m gonna try flashing back to the old one and see what happens. My luck, since this issue (for me at least) is so intermittent the lag will stop just to spite me :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Was just a coincidence, lag still occurs on the new firmware.


Glad I found this thread!!
Mine is doing the same thing. I use a BIOS password so it’s a bit finicky. Each keypress takes a random amount of time to register. (usually in the 0-5 second range.) I will now reboot without the displayport card installed and report back.

Confirmed! Rebooted several times with and without the Displayport adapter card. Issue goes away when DP card is not plugged in. I will contact support and get another and see if it helps.