[SOLVED] No display in BIOS

My 11th gen framework has developed a rather strange issue. I just received a set of the new 4 kg hinges and replaced my old hinges with them. After reassembling the laptop, I don’t get a display in BIOS. But once the OS boots, I do get a display. I don’t see anything of note in the Linux boot logs, and Linux seems perfectly happy with the display (I can change the brightness, switch between text mode consoles and the GUI, etc.). Running the command “systemctl reboot --firmware-setup” to reboot into the BIOS setup causes me to lose the display again when it reboots, but if I blindly exit the BIOS screen, the boot will continue and the display starts working again. I’m not getting any LED blink codes at boot, so it seems like the BIOS is unaware of the issue. I tried re-seating the video cable several times, since I did have to unplug it to install the hinges, but that made no difference.

I’m running BIOS 3.17, but it’s been installed for several months without showing this issue.

Any ideas on how to diagnose this?

I would open a support ticket. You may need to reset the board.

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So, oddly enough, this issue resolved itself without me making any changes. Hard to draw any conclusions from that, but if anyone else experiences something similar, I guess try waiting a week or so and see if it magically goes away…