BIOS on External Monitor

I’m wondering if there is any plan to enable the BIOS being passed through to an external monitor? As it is, my current setup is

Monitor → KVM Dock → Thunderbolt port on Framework (battery disconnected)

For me, it would be great to be able to access BIOS/pre-boot on an external monitor, because as it stands, I have to open the lid to the laptop to boot, and wait for the GRUB menu to be able to see something on my screen (occassionally, the Framework will not output to the monitor, and I have to unplug and reboot my laptop to get the laptop to connect to the monitor. I do not believe this is an issue with my KVM dock, as when I swap to my other connected laptop, the display shows up fine).

My two feature requests are:

  1. Output BIOS/pre-boot to an external monitor, if connected. This would also lead to number 2, which is
  2. Allow the laptop to boot with the lid closed. I should not have to leave the laptop lid open to be able to get past BIOS. I should be able to plug in the laptop, and let it go, without waiting for POST to finish.

Probably the only way to get it there would be without a internal display.

Hmmm. I would assume the only thing preventing this is the inability to push the power button when the lid is closed. I’m with you on wanting the Framework to be able to post without the lid open, but I’m curious how the laptop can know you want to power on? In a completely powered down state no power is being supplied to any USB peripherals so pushing a keyboard button or mouse click wouldn’t work.

One thing I COULD totally see that could enable this is if a new module was made that routed a power switch to an expansion card. This sort of functionality would be useful in MANY ways beyond the laptop format specifically when using the mainboard elsewhere.

Ideally it would be a USB C / power switch combo card.

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There is a BIOS option for “Power on AC Attach”, which atm I have disabled due to a 3.06 BIOS bug, but when the 3.07 BIOS is released, I’m going to enable that option, which will immediately turn on my laptop as soon as I plug in the USB-C cable from my KVM.


This would be awesome! It’d especially be awesome in something like Elevated System’s build where he took a Framework mainvoard and created a keyboard case around it, like an old-school Commodore 64!

That is an important feature that I am happy is there, as I can think of several situation in which I would want that as a backup, but I don’t like the wear and tear aspect of needing to phsyically unplug and plug in a cable to power on the machine.

Yep, except in his build he used a custom button to push a button on the mainboard itself that powers it on. (Which to me demonstrates Framework’s commitment to longevity and re-use.)

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How about something like this (meant for the Raspberry Pi 4)? The only caveat is I don’t know if it’s rated for 65W

Another option would be setting the monitor to not supply power if it’s off, and just power on the monitor when you want to use the laptop

Option three is to mirror the way I have my desk setup, with everything plugged into the same power strip which is switched by a Smart Plug. Turn off the desk when you’re done using it, then when you turn it on again everything turns on automatically…you don’t even have to find the switch if you have Alexa or the like, or even just a smartphone. And you save money on standby power consumption!

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Pushing this thread. Many of us use their framework laptops as a desktop, with the laptop closed. Being able to see the BIOS (or anything at all) when booting to an external monitor is a needed feature. Fedora will continue booting on the same screen the BIOS ran on, which means the internal screen. This leads to not showing the LUKS password prompt on the external screen and users have to guess when to enter it.

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