Thunderbolt eGPU / external monitor on pre-boot


I’m running an eGPU setup (cf Razer Core X Chroma eGPU). One of the problems is that when the laptop boots, the display is only on the laptop’s monitor. Meaning I can’t leave the laptop lid closed and the laptop docked.

At every boot, I need to undock the laptop, wait for it to go to Grub, select the OS, wait for it to boot and then close the lid and dock it.

It would be better if all the BIOS and boot menus (including Grub) were displayed on the external monitors.

To do this, my understanding is that I must be able to enable Thunderbolt pre-boot support in the BIOS (cf Thunderbolt - how to use keyboard during boot time - Fedora Magazine).

If that is indeed the required setting, it would be great to have it available in the BIOS.


I’ve just received my Framework and I’m running into the same issue. Hopefully this is something that can be enabled in the future.

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Same issue here. Any news on this topic?

Same issue here. I cannot unlock my Framework’s LUKS drive encryption during boot when clamshell docked as my Thunderbolt connected peripherals are unusable. Need the BIOS option. :pray:

With an AMD RX 7900 XTX + i7-1280P + BIOS 3.06 beta + Razer Core X Chroma, I now have the GRUB menu both on the internal screen and the external one. I still have to test with the lid closed though.