Bios update and latest drivers


Having received the “Enabling software longevity” newsletters 8 days ago, I am wondering if I should perform the updates.
Concerning the bios, I found on my PC a version SMBIOS 3.3 which leaves me perplexed as to the version 3.08 available.
As for all the drivers, they date from 07/26/2022 and I purchased my PC on 09/09/2022. I feel like I already have the latest versions.
Do other people have the same questions as me?


Where are you seeing SMBIOS 3.3?

I presume you have 12th gen intel, correct?
If so, see here


You can find your current BIOS version in the first screen of your BIOS menu next to “InsydeH2O Version”, in System Information in Windows next to “BIOS Version/Date”, or on Linux by running “sudo dmidecode -s bios-version”.

Drivers are only necessary during the initial setup, or if a newer version is released. After that, Windows update handles all future drivers, so you should be up to date.

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Thanks for all your answers.

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SMBIOS is a standard for how system information (Manufacturer, Product, Chassis Type, etc.) is communicated to an operating system. 3.3 is a very recent version of that standard. This is telling you, in effect, that your firmware is using a modern communication method.

It is unrelated to the version of the system firmware installed on your computer. They just happen to be similar numbers right now!