Bitlocker encryption has locked up my laptop after an upgrade in hardware

running windows 10, on a framework 13. I recently upgraded from an intel mainboard to the new ryzen one, and have a very troubling issue. The pin is now nonfunctional, and I would need to reset it (with an internet connection) in order to fix it. If it doesn’t have an internet connection, I can’t. The WiFi module is currently driverless, and cannot connect. I cannot manually unlock the default administrator account with an external tool like I have in the past with other systems of mine, because of bitlocker. What do I do from here? How do I get these drivers installed without access to the system.

Couple of issues I see here. 1) Your bitlocker is likely using the TPM module, the stuff you need is on the old board, the only real option you have without simply doing a fresh install and recovering form backups is to put the Intel board back in, turn bitlocker off, then reinstall the AMD board, do what you need to, then reanable bitlocker…but then likely you will run into 2) There are no WIndows 10 drivers for the AMD board. You can try using the WIndows 11 drivers which some report work on Windows 10, but then you have a ticking time bomb as there is no guarantee that a future update won’t break that for you. Anyway good luck.


Figured as much, was hoping there was an easier way as alot of the connectors are getting iffy because of constant repair. I’ll try that, thank you.

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If you have the bitlocker recovery code or microsoft account, you should iirc be able to get back in.

The way it was described sounded like bitlocker was already bypassed.
The login PIN that Windows wants you to setup is also using the TPM (that would be the reason they want to set it up. Because there is hardware security behind it).
So if you do not have a normal Account password setup, the old TPM state (on the other board) not available and no internet to recover with Microsoft Account 2FA, you are SOL.

The easy solution is to simply plugin any USB network thing to get temporary internet connection to go through the PIN recovery.

Most phones can be put into tethering mode. And Windows has default drivers for that. Same as basically all USB network adapters.

If not, either get administrative access to the Windows partition and bypass / reset the login, reinstall or go back to the old board and remove the PIN / setup a classic account password before trying to change hardware.

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install the old mainboard, boot up and disable bitlocker, then switch to newer mainboard

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