Unable to change PIN or fingerprint reader settings

Hi framework fans, I’m here to see if anyone else have this problem with their settings. I want to add another fingerprint now but it says that everything but security key option is unavailable. When I click into the options, I cannot disable or change any of the sign in options and its says something went wrong. Those sign in methods still work because windows enabled them on setup. How can I fix this? Is anyone else having this issue? Thanks, Kai

P.s. for the information asked in the template, I am running windows 11 on an AMD Ryzen 7640U

Is the driver pack installed?
Is the Trusted Platform Module enabled? (You’ll need to check in the UEFI firmware under security, it should be named TPM operation)

@Water261 The driver pack is installed, TPM was disabled. I enabled it and it still doesn’t work

Hm, I’m not sure then. Those were the only options I could think of.

@Water261 ok, thanks for trying

I had the same issue on my work laptop, it seems the NGC file, where pins info are stored is corrupted.
Maybe this thread from technet will help you out

I had a similiar problem in Windows 11. Got it resolved this way. Someone mentioned deleting the NGC folder in Windows->Service Profiles->Local Service->App data->Local->Microsoft. Unfortunately, it doesn’t delete easy as it kept on asking for admin priviledge. And I’m signed in as the administrator! You have to change the permissions, level by level. Go to the NGC folder, right click choose Properties, click on the tab Security, go to Advanced and make sure you are listed as the owner. If not you can click change next to the owners name and make yourself the owner. There is also the option in Properties to uncheck the Read Only box. Then I was able to at least open the NGC folder and see what’s inside. In the NGC folder are 4 other subfolders and a bunch of DAT files, I had 8 DAT files. I did the same process to the subfolders and individual DAT files what I did to the NGC folder changing their permissions too. Then I was able to delete the DAT files one by one. All the DAT files were deleted, and 2 of the subfolders. The Temp and one other one, I can’t remember which. I remember 2 of the 4 sub folders could not be deleted no matter what I did, but it was enough. Rebooted and was able to change the sign-in options. I suspect the DAT files were the probably the important ones that needed to be deleted.
I did this all in Safe Mode but I after going through the process I don’t think it’s necessary to do so.
After I resolved the issue I saw this link on the internet. Looks like they used a similar but not quite the same process. Take your pick. PIN Not Working in Windows 11: How to Delete NGC Folder - DroidWin