Windows 11 resets password after eGPU docking (L13 13th Gen Core)

  • Windows 11 Pro (Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621).
  • Laptop 13 DIY (i5-1340P / Intel 2TB NVMe / Crucial 16GB RAM).
  • Dell GTX 1080 + Fractal Design Ion 500G in an external Thunderbolt 4 dock.

Hey. Got this laptop for University, and don’t have the money to use both this and a dedicated desktop. Got a thunderbolt 4 dock to use my old GPU for gaming, video creation, and Blender renders.

Bitlocker recognizes the GPU being plugged/unplugged as a hardware change, locking the system upon reboot. For now I just have bitlocker disabled, which solves this problem.

The second symptom of the eGPU are that my login pin + Windows Hello fingerprints will be deleted. I enter like normal but then Windows says my login doesn’t work and needs to be reset. It prompts me to signin to Microsoft and then goes from there.

This problem can be avoided by directly signing in with my Microsoft account password upon boot, however I still can’t use the fingerprint reader I paid for.

Any ideas?

Relevant links:

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I’ve got the same identical problem.
It has most probably something to do with the TPM. When pluggin unpluggin external hardware at boot the TPM signal this to the bootloader which gets all worried.
In my case it messed the Bitlocker configuration too.
For that i’ve found this FIX:

While for the Windows Hello problem I’ve yet not found a solution but this user fixed messing with the bios (not on tho).

I think that we are missing a setting for the TPM or at least a Policy.

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Also experiencing this. Anyone find any solution?

I’m having the same issues and solutions as Koma.
I was able to get around the Bitlocker issue after finding the same link. Though we gave up some security to do this.
I was not able to find a solution for Windows Hello/Pin login, other than to turn it off and use the password.
Any update or fix anyone has found would be appreciated.

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