Blank keyboard - laser etching

Hi, I couldn’t find definitive answer to this - since keyboard layout I want is still not availible, is it possible to laser engrave onto the blank ISO keyboard? Or would you recommend to take most simillar layout and cover it with stickers?

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The normal non-blank keys are a translucent base, with a white coating then a top black coating. Presuming blank keyboards are the same, laser etching may work perfectly. There are even companies that do it. Random example Laser engraving of keyboards — Silent Cloud TECH

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thanks, I just may have a go :slight_smile: if it doesn’t work, I’ll just buy another keyboard.

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Do let us know how it turns out. You might be the first to do it on a Framework.


It is doable but you’ll have to dial it in.
I probably wouldn’t try it without a spare keyboard to test on.