Swapping keycaps on keyboard

Hi all,
I’m trying to buy a laptop for my mom in Poland. Looking at the marketplace options, it doesn’t seem like there’s a Polish keyboard option. That’s totally fine, but what I’m wondering is, is it possible for me to buy some keyboard keycaps somewhere with English-Polish print on the keycaps, and then hotswap the keys with the new Polish keycaps?
I’ve seen on this post that it’s totally possible (and easy) to pop the keys off the keyboard, so now I’m just wondering if anyone has been able to find somewhere where I could get identical keys that would fit into the key slots. Maybe these keycaps are standardized and it wouldn’t be too hard to find my replacements?

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You can buy a blank keyboard and engrave or add stickers to that, but they are not, common ~ standard keys so you are unlikely to find ‘identical’ alternatives.

Just been looking at

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Oh hey! Good link to look at, thanks!
I gave it a quick search but I can’t seem to find, do you know where I could get the keys on the blank keyboard engraved? I’m imagining it like I would send this hypothetical company the keyboard and they’d somehow use the laser engraver to put the correct format on the keys.
I’ve used the stickers maybe a decade ago and with enough keyboard usage, those stickers typically start peeling at the edges and it just makes the keyboard look a little tacky. Maybe things have changed since then but atm I’d probably prefer just finding a way to engrave or replace the keys.

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Hm, do you have something like Makerspace? Otherwise, maybe Arts & Crafts stores?