Need a blanking plate for one of my ports

One of my USB C ports (Right Rear the one under the power button) has completely stopped working. If I plug anything into it that converts (HDMI, etc) it freaks out the OS. Does anyone have a link to a good blanking module that both looks stock and is fairly cheap to purchase?
Right now, I have it with nothing in the port and it is pretty much an eyesore.

The USB C expansion card is inert. Does it cause the same problem?

Have you contacted Framework support?

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Definitely contact support to hopefully get help and/or a replacement. If you want a blank card to fill the gap in the meantime, you could go for a SNACK Drawer, or Framework have released the 3d models for their cards if you wanted to print one yourself, or use an online 3d printing service.


I guess I can buy an extra USB-C and just leave it in there. I only have two, so I moved it to another port. Thanks for the idea though.
Yes, I have contacted support, and the only thing I can do is buy another motherboard, or send the laptop back for repair and be without it for an unknown amount of time.

The port that went bad was very rarely used. So, it is not like I need it. So I figure that I would just wait for a compelling motherboard upgrade. The board I have now is an 1165. My plan is to make it a router. So all I need is power, and two USB-C ports, so one port being bad is a non-issue there as well.
I will buy a USB-C and put a sticker over it for now.