Blinking red LED on side?

What’s this blinking red LED on the side? Why is it blinking? Can’t seem to find anything in the docs about this. Fully charged. I just replaced the input cover with a new one, assuming that’s relevant. Thoughts on this?

The blinking red lights, left or right, are lit when the laptop is has a charging cable inserted. Which side depends upon which side you are using to charge.

  • Is it flashing with no supply plugged in?
  • If plugged in it means it is fully charged.
  • The level of charge is set in the bios, so mine starts to flash at 90%

It’s flashing red both on battery and plugged in. No change. Both sides are flashing. No clue why. You’d think Framework would have a list of the LED states listed somewhere.


What OS are you using and see

I’m on Windows 10. I can get into the BIOS just fine. The laptop appears to be working fine and is fully functional. I just don’t understand the blinking red LEDs. It’s strange.

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Seems like Framework official responded to a similar issue on Reddit.

They note “Both sides blinking red indicates that the mainboard is powered while the Input Cover is removed. The mainboard will power itself off after 30 seconds (assuming the system is shut down). The red LEDs are to warn to not unplug anything while the mainboard is powered.”

You’d think the LEDs would stop blinking after reconnecting the input cover, though.

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Resurrecting this thread because I have a new 12th gen diy with flashing red leds on the side. Did you find any solution for the blinking? Input cover is on and typing from it now. Thanks in advance!

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I also have this issue on my 12th gen diy, no matter if it’s plugged in or not the port lights on both sides constantly blink red.

@Kyle_Miwa I strongly advise you to contact Support.
It can be a hardware problem, and they should be able to help you better than this forum.

The blinking red lights indicate that the input cover is not seated properly–or that it has been removed–and that the computer is powered on.

There is a small switch near the top rear center of the mainboard, and a foam pad on the input cover that touches it. That switch is the chassis intrusion switch. If that foam pad is misaligned or missing, it will not contact the switch and the chassis will appear to be “open” even if the input cover is on.

Likewise if the switch is missing or broken.

If you have an input cover without a foam pad in the right location or a mainboard with a missing chassis intrusion switch, you should contact support.


While I like the idea of the blinking lights to make sure everything is secure and safe, probably needs better execution than a sticky foam pad in the next run of these laptops. After I figured out what this switch was based on the description of “top rear center” it’s about the size of large screw head and square. I believe my foam block on the lid was not aligned or maybe got misaligned from the half dozen times I had to get in there. I reapplied some sticky glue to the end of the foam pad and placed the pad on the switch to make the light stop then closed the lid to reattach it to the correct alignment. Just in case anyone else comes across this.

Open up the laptop, and you’ll see a little button that gets pressed down when you put on the cover. The cover has a little rubber square that can shift position. If that happens, it won’t press down on the switch. That’s what’s causing the red LED to stay on when the cover it on.

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