[RESPONDED] My 12th Gen framework wont power on; Colored LED blinks

Hello folks, been really happy with my 12th Gen FW laptop but today i ran into an issue. I was using my laptop yesterday and shut it down (systemctl poweroff) as i regularly do and went to sleep, woke up and went to work and returned to a laptop that wont power on. I tries turning it on but i see some LEDs flashing by the left side of it. A total of 21 blinks, after the first white one, i recorded. All the others are green except for blinks #2, #9, and #10. I read a post on what each of them meant. I then, reset the main board by taking out the small battery and the main battery and followed the procedures but i get the same lights blinking…

The Laptop was running openSUSE tumbleweed, it has an i5-1240p, 32gb of ram, a 1TB Samsung 980 drive, and it has been used with a 13 in 1 USB-C hub and an eGPU. The laptop never gave me issues other than it running very hot upon changing the power settings to performance so for the most part i kept it on powersave, using plasma.

Here is the article on what those LEDs mean: My Framework Laptop (Intel 12th Gen Intel® Core™) is not powering on

Apparently the red lights were for power good 3v5v supply ,
Fan detected and spins up, and CPU reached S0 state

Now, what does this all mean?

Video Link of Issue: (lights at about the 0:19s Mark)

I would recommend sending a message to support if you haven’t already. They will be able to help you with troubleshooting and if it’s a hardware issue can set you up with an RMA.

just remember that since new products just got announced they will be a little busy, but will still be able to help you out!


Yes please. Exactly this based on what you described.

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i think i might have run into the same problem.

one evening my 12th Gen laptop unexpectedly powered off (causing data loss :frowning: ), then wouldn’t start, just displayed the led sequence GRGG-GGGG-RRGG (Green/Red), followed by 0001-0000.

after a few days, when i checked the laptop again, it powered up fine, without me doing anything in the meantime to fix it.

i contacted support, but unfortunately i’m not getting a great response. i sent photos, a video, description of what happened / what i did, but after ~3 rounds of emails it feels like as if i were talking to a badly trained chatbot - i’m not sure the suggestions make sense, or that we are making great progress figuring out what the root cause is/was. my direct question about details of returning the laptop (how much is deducted for shipping / restocking) is still unanswered, after repeatedly asking it. :frowning:

I contacted support several weeks ago and was able to get my main board replaced relatively quickly after a few rounds of emails containing pictures, videos, and etc. They gave me steps to follow and i did but to no avail; the laptop just wouldn’t post and ultimately got the main board to be replaced. In my experience it didn’t feel like i was talking to a robot as i understood that they actually needed to confirm the issues i was having before replacing. Now as far as what the reason for the laptop to not turn on I’m not sure. I asked them what could have been but they said that the repair center does not do board level repairs on root cause analysis at the moment, so they may not be able to provide me with the cause… But at some point I believe we may be able to get some closure on what the causes for these issues were.