Bluetooth controls on AMD Framework 13 running Fedora 40

I just got my Pixel Buds Pro earbuds working with my new notebook. Unfortunately, the controls do not work. No tap to pause/resume & no volume controls. Help?

Vanilla F40 Workstation here, meaning GNOME on Wayland. Currently listening to The Cult at an unhealthy volume with my PBPs.

With the default audio stack (pipewire/wireplumber), they work quite well for A2DP audio output, and that includes Pause/Resume and (master, not app) volume control with the swipe gestures.

The PBPs are at (seemingly) latest firmware, release_5.9_signed.

Pause/resume is working on both Firefox (e.g. youtube) and Pithos, so I assume MPRIS works in general with them.

Oh and this is with multipoint enabled and in use (connected to the FW13 AMD and the Pixel 7 at the same time). Mentioning in case this somehow makes a difference.

Any obvious differences between this and your system?

Yes, I run Xfce for my desktop
I just switched to pipewire and I now have audio to the earbuds, but the controls don’t work. Still looking for an answer.