Broadband Cable

The Framework Laptop has broadband cables as every other Laptop.
I recognize them as a weakness when I open a laptop, because they are easy breakable and not easy to handle.

I hope they are here longer than in usual Laptops.

What alternative can you think of, to replace these cables in future at all?

I think you are describing the cables that route through the hinges? We test these through a large number of lid open/close cycles to ensure they are robust, and in the event an internal cable ever does fail, it’s possible to replace the cable or module+cable assembly (depending on which cable) to get back to working state.


If this is indeed about the ribbon cables, there aren’t really many alternatives here. But to be honest, I also don’t see a lot of ribbon cables in the product shots at all.

The one that does look flimsy connects the Audio jack to the mainboard, and that is fully replaceable. Did you see any others that you’re concerned about?


Remember, this is meant to be serviceable, not indestructable.