Replacement lid webcam ribbon cable alignment

I received one of the redesign lids for my Framework Laptop. Everything seemed to be going ok with the swap until I got to reinserting the ribbon cable. It appears as though the final length of cable might be aligned too close to the webcam, causing a bend in the ribbon. It doesn’t appear that the cable will seat any further in the webcam assembly. What should I do?

Your insertion depth looks good. So it’s just a matter of the ribbon cable being double-side taped too high up in the frame. (I assume it’s some kind of double-sided adhesive tape).

You probably can (with care) just slowly peel the ribbon away from the frame…and reposition it such that it doesn’t have that wrinkle.

I encountered this too. You can gently lift the 90 degree corner of the ribbon cable; there’s a double sided adhesive as @Second_Coming suggested. That will allow you to reposition and then re-stick it. I’ve added a comment to the top cover installation guide about this.


Yup, thank you both. I was a little concerned about pulling up the cable and adhesive, but I was patient and it worked out fine. I ended up having more issues getting the bezel reinstalled properly because I routed the screen cable incorrectly. :man_facepalming:

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Was it the screen cable or the webcam cable? I had some challenges with the bezel fitting over the edge with the camera cable.

For me it was the screen cable (left-hand side). I accidentally routed it under the hinge instead of over.

We’re working with the factory to improve the alignment process on this cable for the Top Cover (CNC). As folks noted, you can safely carefully peel the cable off of the cover in the top area and re-align it. The adhesive is deliberately a low force one.