Broken cmos connecter

just finished setting up my new framework 12th gen laptop and i have noticed that the cmos connecter was broken laptop seems to be fine running with out it but has anyone else had any issues with this and how to fix this

Hi and welcome to the forum, you may want to contact support.

Did you try placing the ML 1220? and yes there are reports the holder is fragile, it’s even in the instructions to be careful.

Using a SIM Eject tool or another small pin, very carefully insert the pin into the hole at the bottom edge of the coin cell receptacle, and tilt it down to eject the coin cell battery. Note that this receptacle is quite fragile, so avoid trying to remove the coin cell any other way (trust us, we’ve tried).
Fully Resetting the Mainboard State - Framework Guides

Hi I have contact support I did notice when putting the computer together that the connected was a bit bent (probably damage from shipping)

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Hi @oliver_higgins,

Damage from shipping on that component is highly unlikely given the Input Cover is preinstalled and the components are inspected before the laptop is sealed and packaged. That said, our Support team will help once you reach out. Thanks.