Broken delete key - like literally stopped working

The delete key on my laptop stopped working for no clear reason. All the other keys are fine, it’s just the delete key that doesn’t work.

When it first stopped working, I could bend the case a bit to get it to restart; now that doesn’t work at all.

Does anyone have any suggestions or should I just by a new input cover or something?

Hi, welcome!

Couple of things:

If you haven’t already perhaps it would be good to contact support and see if they can help you.

Without knowing the usage of the keyboard and anything that might have happen to it, it is hard to offer much more. I would guess that moisture somehow got to the delete key either from a spill or high humidity, etc.

Other wise it is a warranty or repair thing.

Bummer that the key is acting up though and I hope there is a quick resolution for you.

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same thing happened to me! mine doesnt seem to be a hardware problem?

I have also had the same issue sporadically for months, although it’s nearly constant now. Every other key works fine. (And delete does work with an external keyboard, just not on the laptop itself.) Super annoying.

Same here. I noticed it when I realized ctrl+alt+del doesn’t work on the Framework keyboard, although it does work on external keyboard. The insert/del key doesn’t seem to work at all. I’ll contact support.

Interesting, same here! Just does not respond to being pressed anymore. External keyboards are fine. I will also contact support then.

@devnull let us know if you learn anything interesting!

I’ve had the same issue, for about the same timeframe. all of my keys work fine except the delete key - I thought maybe my kids messed with filter keys or something, but no, that’s not it. I did do a bottom cover replacement about a month ago, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it.

I too have the same problem, except that for me it’s the right Ctrl key.

I make this posting to try to indicate that the problem is not rare.

The cause appears to be a tiny bit of dust or the like, even though i have taken great care to avoid that, and to remove that.

The non-working key was used constantly by me (in tandem with an external keypad on the left side of pc, to reduce the repetitive stress on my right hand).

I have the Framework ‘batch 7’ notebook pc, assembled-by-self.

I also have a problem with the delete key. I ended up trying a different input cover - and the delete ket was working. It’s a hardware problem with the original input cover. I’m unclear on if it was like that since I first bought it, or was something that developed later.

For anyone with a delete key that doesn’t work, I’d suggest considering trying another input cover.

Also, I just have to note - I am NOT pleased with the way Framework support handled it. I explained to them all of my troubleshooting steps, even took a video of the delete key being pressed at their insistence. Their response was the extremely insulting approach of explaining what the delete key does, as if I’ve never seen a computer before:

In text editing:

When pressed while typing in a text editor or document, the Delete key removes the character directly to the right of the cursor. This is in contrast to the Backspace key, which removes the character to the left of the cursor.

In file management:

When used in file management systems, the Delete key marks the selected file or folder for deletion. The actual deletion typically occurs when the user confirms the action, such as by pressing the Enter key or clicking the “Delete” button in a confirmation dialog box.