Possible Supply Chain disruptions

To the Framework Team:
Almost afraid to ask, but
and am wondering how solid the Nov ship window is?
Are you relying on parts not on hand at the moment?
(I am in batch 5, just missed 4 I think)

You might want to tag @nrp or someone else on the framework team or they aren’t as likely to read this

The Framework team indicated way back when (can’t find the post at the moment) that there’s one component in the laptop which is subject to supply constrictions. This is the reason shipments are in batches, they can only produce a limited number at a time.

So it’s already accounted for.

good idea, how do i tag someone?

Thanks, patience is not my best virtue, Nov seems a long way off

I understand and I agree! :slightly_smiling_face: I think we’ll have to all adjust away from the instant gratification we’ve gotten used to.

Do note that they have met all previous ship dates. And in today’s environment, that’s not bad at all.

I indicated in another thread that future shipments of the Pinebook Pro (an earlier ARM tinkerer’s laptop) are indefinitely postponed because some components are on 40 week backorders while one component is on a 60 week backorder. Try wrapping your head around that one!

So given this unprecedented constricted supply environment, Framework’s doing pretty well.


Simple, type @GhostLegion or @Dan_B or whomever it is you want notified they were mentioned and should take a look at something

You seriously underestimate the accomplishment here-as far as I’m aware, this is no ODM design and the only other boutique manufacturer of laptops that I know of is Purism and they have a long stories history of failing to meet states ship dates
@2disbetter has hands on experience with Purism-personally I’d like to make my next laptop a Purism laptop but their lack of transparency and inability to meet stated ship dates scares me off

Trust me, what Framework has managed to accomplish here is quite amazing

I do wish Coreboot and a disabled and/or neutered Intel ME were available as well like on Purism’s laptops although I understand why they aren’t

But that just goes back to perfect is the death of good enough-I trust eventually a new Mainboard will be created that complies with that ideal and I can swap them out later


You’re right, for a startup, Framework’s delivery performance is nothing short of amazing in this environment.

I got interested in a Pinebook Pro again and wanted to get one about a year ago but just read up on their rather awful situation. It almost looks like they’ll never make another Pinebook Pro ever again.

Contrast this with Framework who have shipped out 3 batches, designing around available components (perhaps this is why no AMD option) and mitigating the impact of that one limited component by spreading deliveries out in batches.

Oh and if you think Framework has early bugs or QA issues, google Pinebook Pro reviews. Ouch.

I’d still like one but if an ARM board came along for Framework, that would be more interesting.

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Care to elaborate? I was interested in picking one up just to mess around with and checkout Linux on ARM

I don’t really mean to hijack this thread but I’d like to know what the issues have been, is it poor hardware QC problems? Missing ship dates? Where’s the problem?

I’ll send you a PM to avoid hijacking the thread.