Business letter to Framework team from China

Dear Framework Team,

We are a group of college students in Shanghai, China. We are writing this letter to discuss opportunities to collaborate with your staff. We are attracted by Framework’s creative and revolutionary products, but sadly we found that such extraordinary designs have no availability in China. Obviously, there are barriers to entering the Chinese marketplace for your business and we would like to learn more about the challenges from your perspective. Our team has conducted thorough research about the market value of your products and how you would compete and thrive in China. We would like to set up some time to meet with your staff to discuss and ask questions. Thank you for your consideration, we greatly appreciate any opportunities to learn. Please contact us in ( if your interested.


Arete team

ps: we really wanted to do it in a formal way, but we couldn’t find your work email, sorry for that.

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There are 2 similar threads, this thread and A business letter to Framework team from China that you created. I bet that this thread is what you want to remain.

I would appreciate you for such an offer to Framework Laptop. I am just a user, and not a worker at Framework. I have just a concern below for a general collaboration with companies. It’s not about you and not about specific companies, and not about specific countries.

You might know a trouble between Arm and Arm China. The Semiconductor Heist Of The Century | Arm China Has Gone Completely Rogue, Operating As An Independent Company With Inhouse IP/R&D I am not sure why this trouble happened. But I just hope that Framework and other collaborating companies have a contract to prevent this kind of trouble.