Buzzing sound while charging and using Headphone Jack or USB C adapter

Whenever I plug-in USB-C PD Charger, I hear a constant buzz in my earphone irrespective of whether I use Headphone Jack on Laptop or I use Apple USB-C to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter.

I am surprised as I thought that the whole purpose of using USB-C adapter was to completely isolate these kinds of noise!

The moment I touch my laptop the buzzing sound goes away (as my body acts as a ground!

Is this because the build quality of laptop not good? Or is there a defect in my laptop hardware?

How can I resolve this?

Are you using Framework’s official charger?

The charger is supposed to act like a ground and prevent this, however many USB-C PD chargers aren’t properly grounded.

If you are using the Framework official charger then that could be an issue with the charger or an issue with the grounding of the outlet it’s connected to.

I’ve encountered similar things to what you described on multiple laptops from both Apple and Lenovo (haven’t used laptops from other brands much). It is normal to encounter that while charging a laptop with a charger that isn’t properly grounded.