Charging/idle buzzing

So my batch 5 i5 Framework has recently started buzzing audibly whenever it is plugged in, or when it falls asleep. This is a new thing, and I have verified that it is the laptop. I know buzzing is usually due to conversions of power, such as in a high-amp speaker system or an old CRT television, so the prevalence of it on my relatively small laptop is worrying me, and I’m really not sure what is going on.
I’m studying electrical engineering (or I’m going to, I’m in high school), so I know a thing or two about circuits, and this behavior seems worrying, like something has broken or failed and it isn’t catastrophic enough to brick anything, but it’s certainly causing a sound.
If anyone has had the same experience, or they have an idea what could be going on, any help or even just information would be greatly appreciated.

Plot twist: Its the charger. I moved my USB-C expansion to the other side to see if the sound would move, and its the charger acting up. This still isn’t something I’ve heard before, and I’ve had the laptop for almost 3 months, is it something to do with low power consumption from the laptop? It seems to show up more when I’m at high battery and just topping off, which is what I’m doing right now.

It does still buzz when idling, though it is a different buzz, and not one that is happening at the moment, so I can’t run any tests to see what and where

This sounds like coil whine. Is the sound coming from the laptop or the AC adapter? Are you using the Framework charger or a different USB-C charger?

This also happens on my work issued Dell Latitude 3420 whenever it’s plugged in via USB-C, so I’ve never particularly worried about it :thinking: on that it is definitely coming from the laptop. But then my Apple Watch does it too!

Its the official adapter, but its certainly a new sound, I haven’t changed the way I’m doing anything.