CAD file for battery?

This is a call out to the Framework team, Would it be possible for me to get a CAD file for the battery used in the Framework laptop?

I’m working on designing an enclosure that would turn the battery into a removable battery, and I don’t presently have a Framework laptop to grab the dimensions off of.


If you wish to contact the Framework team directly, I would recommend sending a message to support. This is a user forum, and while employees do sometimes comment on threads here, you’ll get an answer much faster through support.

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What kind of precision/tolerances do you need? I’m not an ME, but I was okay at 3D modeling in a past life and I’d be willing to pop open my unit if it’d benefit the community.

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Whatever precision your calipers are capable of, The tolerances for fitment like this are usually pretty sloppy compared to what you might think or expect (I’m an ME major), I imagine the battery has a fair bit of slop in the tolerances between it and the case to allow for the variations in dimensions given the way these pouch style batteries are manufactured.

This is on our TODO list!


Can you share at least the dimensions? I’m asking because of Resurrecting old laptops with a Framework motherboard