Dual M.2 Expansion Bay Module

Looks like I’m on a roll with getting Framework Modules made, I’ve just finished off the schematic for a Dual M.2 Expansion Bay module, similar to what can be found in the GitHub so if you are interested in purchasing one, you can do so here for 55USD Inc shipping anywhere in the world from Australia and as usual, should be shipped within 30-60 days and you will receive updates weekly.

If you are questioning how I can do so many designs in such a quick time period, I’ve been holding onto some of these designs and waiting, I promise this will be the second last one for a month or two or who knows?


You rock!
I might get the OccuLink x8 one in the future - is my assumption right that you need to have the normal expansion bay for all your modules to work?

Yep, that is correct (Expansion Bay Shell) as well as the Graphics Module Interposer which should hopefully be available soon.

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Damn I should’ve ordered it when I was pre-ordering, lol.
Is there a chance that your modules will still be available in 1-2 years?

More than likely, as long as I’m alive I’ll keep selling them.

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I’ve found these cool-looking M.2 toolless fasteners, so I’m planning on using these, and I will provide mounting holes for M.2 cards between 2230 and 22110. Renders/CAD pictures will be posted shortly.


Those look cool! It does look like they would increase clearance a bit though, or would that not make a difference in the shell, because there is enough clearance in that anyway?

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Once you have first samples ready to ship, can you take some photos?

can be nice if we can use things like that