Caldigit Element Thunderbolt Hub & 4k Display setup - unpredictable performance

I have a caldigit element thunderbolt 4 hub (thunderbolt 3 compatible) connected with a caldigit tb4 cable to the right rear usb-c expansion port on my laptop, and a plugable brand (and highly recommended) usb-c to hdmi cable routed from the hub to the monitor.

I have some issues with the monitor shutting off and not turning on at system sleep / display turnoff events. Has anyone else had similar problems? The caldigit hub shows up as available in my Thunderbolt devices on port 3, and stays connected. (and for the record I’m not ruling out issues with the Caldigit hub or the wires, I may send this one back and request another of both the wires and the hub)

(1) When I suspend my system and put it to sleep, it disconnects from thunderbolt and it does not reconnect to the display. Sometimes I have to reboot, or suspend and un-suspend a few times to get it started.

(2) When I reconnect my thunderbolt plug, sometimes it connects and the display comes on, and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it flashes on 2-3 times before it makes a stable connection.

(3) if I move the usb-c to hdmi plug from the expansion usb-c port to the usb-c hub, sometimes it won’t come on the display, but it shows as available on my windows display settings.

(4) Sometimes it just takes connecting and reconnecting the usb-c to hdmi cord on the back of the hub to start working again and sometimes not.

My guess is something happens when the display / sleep function happens that doesn’t allow the display to come back on. When I go into my windows display settings I actually see the 2nd display, but the monitor is totally blank.

Something is happening, and I’m wondering if there are advanced settings or certain things I am overlooking, or is this a hardware issue with the framework at this point? The performance of these high-quality TB4-rated products in concert with the framework is unreliable and unpredictable.

Hi webb.moncure,

Assuming you’re running Win10 or 11, have you looked in DeviceManager to see the status of both of your TB4 controllers when you’re having these display issues? There are two controllers, one at address x9A1B (Right side) & the second at x9A1D (Left side).

I had similar issues with two TB docking stations (Caldigit TB3+ & Anker TB4 Apex). My display issues may not be identical to what you’re describing, but they sound close. The problem escalated from happening rarely to eventually multiple times per day with persistent Code 43 (Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.)

There are other posts around the board here with similar display over TB4 issues. There seems to be a theme, but I’ve not seen a root cause reported.

If this issue continues, please report back the status of both of your TB4 Controllers and any error codes (Code 43 or other) you’re seeing.

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Gary - sounds very similar. I am running Windows 10. Unfortunately I just sent the dock back, because I can’t see myself using a $250 accessory if its function is going to be intermittent with my laptop when I’m at work.

I made the decision to move on from a thunderbolt 4 dock in concert with my framework until the technology and compatibility are more mature. I’m sure we’ll see movement forward on this, I just don’t have the time at work to be troubleshooting during the workday. After all I have four available ports to choose from for I/O and power because I bought a framework!

I’ll keep up with the conversation, and if things ever get to the point where these issues are resolved, I’ll probably buy a dock at that time.

I too am seeing this issue with my Caldigit Element Thunderbolt 4 hub that sometimes when coming back from sleep I find the thunderbolt controller it is plugged into has been stopped as it reported problems (error 43) a restart fixes it but that is a less than ideal solution.

It’s a shame - it’s a nice hub! I just embraced the idea of multiple USB4 ports on the framework and went with a usbc to displayport adapter along with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse, while charging via a separate usbc port - for me less is more and I found the hub to be a great idea but I don’t think the technology/integration is there yet.