[RESPONDED] Caldigit TS3+ USB A functionality only works if it's connected before boot

I am using a Framework 13 laptop with Ubuntu 22.04 / windows dual bot and trying to connect a Caldigit TS3+ hub. All functionality (USB A and monitors) on the hub in Ubuntu works fine if it’s connected before boot, but once I try to connect the hub after the laptop is already powered on, only the displayport works and I cannot use any USB devices through the Caldigit hub while in Ubuntu without restarting the laptop.

My Anker USB-C 6-in-1 hub works as expected with both display and USB A inputs, so this may be an issue more specific to the Caldigit hub. Additionally, all functionality on the Caldigit hub when I use Windows is as expected.

This is the output of boltctl (when the USB devices are not working):

 ● CalDigit, Inc. TS3 Plus
   ├─ type:          peripheral
   ├─ name:          TS3 Plus
   ├─ vendor:        CalDigit, Inc.
   ├─ uuid:          ca030000-00a0-9f18-2371-3c1fa4903124
   ├─ generation:    Thunderbolt 3
   ├─ status:        authorized
   │  ├─ domain:     a5113804-f1c1-60c4-ffff-ffffffffffff
   │  ├─ rx speed:   40 Gb/s = 2 lanes * 20 Gb/s
   │  ├─ tx speed:   40 Gb/s = 2 lanes * 20 Gb/s
   │  └─ authflags:  none
   ├─ authorized:    Wed 27 Mar 2024 02:47:02 PM UTC
   ├─ connected:     Wed 27 Mar 2024 02:47:02 PM UTC
   └─ stored:        Wed 27 Mar 2024 02:20:26 PM UTC
      ├─ policy:     iommu
      └─ key:        no

Any pointers on how I can fix the problem would be appreciated.

I too, have found Anker plays ball more reliably than other docks in Linux.

Because we do not test against docks and opt to support the expansion cards were we have control, you’re best options are to:

  • Try different expansion bays to see if the results are different for you.
  • File a bug report. I think this will come down to a dock firmware thing, but it’s worth filing a bug report.

Try upgrading dock firmware if you haven’t already.

Have you checked if hotplug works on windows? I have recently had the case that a USB4 ssd enclosure hotplugged in windows just fine but didn’t on linux (with one particular ssd, the rest worked). Might be related issues.

Rufus can make windows 11 to go installs so you don’t have to actually install the thing just to check, a reasonably fast usb drive does the job.