External Display Not Working. Caldigit TB4. DisplayPort

Hi Everyone.

I have a framework laptop 13 with intel 12th gen i7-1280P with bios version: 3.06.
I am running Windows 11 Pro 22H2.
I connect it to a CalDigit TB4 dock which is connected to a single LG34UW monitor via DisplayPort.

Sometimes, the framework laptop refuses to output display to the monitor. All other inputs/outputs from the TB4 dock function properly, like mouse/keyboard input, sound, and ethernet.

restarting doesn’t fix the issue. sleep and wake doesn’t fix the issue. I gave up for a few days, and when I plugged in the FW laptop again, I got display (great!), but as soon as I did a regular restart after updating windows, no display again.

I have a lenovo that I use as a work laptop, and it does not have any problems outputting display to the monitor via the TB4.

What is wrong with my framework laptop?

not sure if you’ll get much help from the user forum. I would send a message to support if you haven’t already so they can also help you with this, and maybe another user that has encountered a problem like this will also comment here!

I assume that displays via TB is “disconnected” after you enter sleep or shutdown the computer, and for detection to work you need to plug it in while the computer is on.

Check BIOS to see if there are any related Thunderbolt security settings blocking detection in BIOS-handled power states.

Thanks guys, I’ll send a message to support.
In the meantime, I believe I have narrowed the issue a little more.

If the TB dock is connected during boot, the FW laptop will not output display to the external monitor.

Therefore the workaround is to always perform restarts and power on while using battery power. Then, when the TB4 dock is connected, display is correctly output to the external monitor.

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Hi :slight_smile: Make sure you update your CalDigit TB4’s firmware – it fixes displayport related bugs. I had similar instabilities until I applied the firmware update.


If you’ve already done that, then I’m not sure.


Ooh firmware updates!
Nice one CalDigit. But I still think it’s Thunderbolt controller related issues.
Would be really nice if it patched it. Not a huge surprise to see TB peripheral not work after sleep tho.

Workaround is to just not have the computer sleep when you have it plugged in.