Cammed out keyboard screw

I was going through the guide to change my keyboard from US to UK when I found that one of the tiny silver screws that attach the keyboard to the input cover (at least that’s what I assume they do) shipped with a cammed out head and cannot be unscrewed. Support advised me to take it to a repair shop and see if they could do anything. This strikes me as a really unhelpful answer given that I didn’t cam out the screw and it is preventing me from installing the additional keyboard I bought.

So does anyone have any actually helpful ideas for removing the screw? I tried a PH00 head to see if that could get any purchase but to no avail. I’m considering Krazy-gluing a bit to the screw to see if that works but suspect it would be way too much torque for the small surface area and will just snap the dried glue. I should really go back in time and order the input cover kit instead.

I really hard steel single blade that with enough force may dig into the softer steel ??

Maybe. Don’t want to damage the underlying bits though.

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Use a screw remover bit. : screw remover bit

I had thought of that too but haven’t seen one that works on such small screws.

If it works out please let us know :slight_smile:

Good luck :crossed_fingers:

Yeah I dunno if those cheapo bits will work on something as small as a PH0. One of them at least purports to have bits that will work but the reviews don’t exactly inspire confidence. I remembered I have a TX2 bit and am going to try that this weekend.

@Jonathan_Cook - I’d try re-engaging with Support. They should be able to ship you a replacement top cover (including the keyboard) and have you return the one with the bad screw for analysis and troubleshooting into how it made it out like that. It happens, but you always want to look at how and try to adjust to reduce the chances of a recurrence.

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You could try using a rubber band between the screw and driver to get some extra friction, though it may be tough with how small the screws are.

This may be support trying to get you faster assistance than they can offer in shipping times if you have a nearby repair shop with tools to get cammed out screws from hardware? Like @lbkNhubert mentioned you could also ask support to send a replacement if you’re willing to wait for shipping.

Dremel a slot into the head…then you should have enough grip to unscrew it.

I assume they suggested this to get you a quick resolution? As I understand it you received damaged hardware I don’t think you are expected to deal with their QC mistake?