Can anybody in the community make me a custom layout?

So I’ll admit this is probably unorthodox but I am a colemak user, and it’s very difficult for me to use the layout if I can’t see the keyboard in my peripheral vision. So I am writing to see if anybody would be interested in doing the hard work for me: I need a Colemak layout.(preferably in the form of a complete input cover because I’m tired of doing the disassembly)

So what I’m asking you to do is very simple, buy an input cover for me, (I’ll send the money) and you physically switch over the keys to the proper positions because I can’t do it without damaging the keyboard, and then I’ll pay you for your time+ shipping it to me

Here’s the only catch. If you break a key, I’m not paying for multiple keyboards to be ordered. You and me negotiate the cost beforehand and we stick to the deal until it’s done. I am willing to pay what this job is worth, including your time.

If somebody can do this for me without breaking keys, I will be happy to pay you. I do have extra keys because I’ve already broken one keyboard (broke off the nipples) so that might be helpful but I don’t have any extra scissor switches.

Thank you very much! If interested please PM me!

How much does it worth to you?

I’m not going to straight out say the number in public. First off because I don’t really want to be criticized for over or underpaying and secondly because negotiation is part of the package; me and whomever decides to take up the challenge can talk about it and come up with a fair number for everybody.

As you can imagine it can depend upon how much shipping is involved and a number of other aspects.

I don’t think anyone can reasonably criticize you for what it worth to you. It will form a starting point. The other end of the price point is what each seller’s time / effort is worth. And then somewhere, is where the negotiation would occur.

Random thought: Have you considered keycap stickers?
Keyboard Letter Replacement Stickers - Keyboard Stickers (

I was thinking in the neighborhood of $200 USD, then. And no, sadly that won’t work.

Bump, anyone interested in helping me out? I’m not able to use a blank keyboard,the clear one is too bright and I can’t get labels in fonts I prefer, even so it doesn’t look good. Secondly, a black blank has no backlight. I don’t want anyone to criticize my habits. Please, if you can do this PM me and I will ensure you’re paid fairly, as long as you don’t gouge me.

I’m reasonably sure the blank black one also has a backlight?

Tell me how a backlight shines through an opaque black key?

Look, I didn’t start this topic to debate, I started it because I have no further options. I have tried a clear one, I traded it to my friend. I have no interest in having someone sit there and criticize me.

Why are you being so sensitive? Nobody in this thread has attacked you in any way as far as I can see.


I’m not being sensitive, I am being annoyed by people who assume that I haven’t already explored my options. I don’t have one that’s sold by a vendor.

I understand this is an unorthodox request but unless it’s pertinent to what I asked about in the OP it’s not what I want.

@KazuoK leaving my post here in case it helps:

Once you know how to pop off each specific key type off safely, the rest should be easy, no? I’m wondering how one of your nipples :full_moon_with_face: broke off, since I’ve only removed the esc and tab keys.

That being said, I may be interested if you can send me your “broken” keyboard for potential spare key caps and seeing how all the keys are snapped on.

Feel free to PM me

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The nipple got ripped by the tool I was using slipping and ripping it. This happened about 7 times on the first old KB, which is trashed.

My ‘broken’ kb I have on there rn will be up for grabs as soon as I get what I need to use this. I had an idea too that someone could use a laser etch to do up a blank keyboard for me with the colemak layout printed. But yeah, I need to be able to see and read keys in peripheral vision as I type. Therefore a blank keyboard won’t work. The clear is too bright. And I’m not ordering more keyboards myself, I think two broken ones is enough for me.

I’m not trying to chill discussion, but I don’t like being told options I already know about, and I have been given flak for my peculiar typing style.

Bump. Last time I’m doing this. I don’t want to be forced into an inferior option. Please, if you can do this for me contact me and I’ll make it worth your while.

Have you seen this thread might be that @shark can help you or give you tips/share the video with you :slight_smile: