Why have a clear keyboard?

Hey there, this might be a very obvious question, but why would anyone want a clear keyboard? They look really cool, but do you need to have the entire keyboard layout memorized? Are the key’s still labelled or are they completely blank?

Unless you want to apply stickers or write on the keys yourself, probably yes. But it’s not that hard to learn (blind) touch typing. You’ll probably already know the QWERTY or whatever layout you always use. The only thing to learn in addition to that is the position of the function keys.

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Bingo, lol.

I ordered a clear keyboard. I doubt I’ll put labels on the letters or numbers, because I touch type and never really look at them. However, I ordered a set of clear labels (clear stickers with just a black letter/symbol) and will use them for the special symbols on the function keys, and maybe a few other, infrequently used keys (that I don’t have memorized).

Muscle Memory. I can’t even name the position of half of the keys without typing something.


I’d have ordered one if they came in ISO rather than just ANSI.


Framework | Framework Clear Keyboard cant u buy them separately?

@JP3692 I’m pretty sure they have both ISO and ANSI clear keyboard layouts. https://frame.work/ca/en/marketplace/keyboards

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They do, but those are for the 13, I’m after one for the 16, which only lists ANSI.

ah i thought they are the same for both models given that it does not mention

I think all items in the marketplace, that are not expansions, ram or ssds, are for the 13. You can order an ISO clear keyboard with the 13, but only the ANSI with the 16.

Where did you order these from? Are they generic or sized for the keyboard?

I think these are the only ones known that have the option of being exactly sized List of company or individually driven projects - #17 by MJ1

I’m planning to do a risky thing for the keyboard when I get mine: Sharpie + a spray of clear coat :rofl:

I wanted the RGB + Linux option, but I also want to customize the layout as well, so I figured why not?

I ordered them from Keyshorts. They are supposed to be custom sized exactly for the Framework 13 Keyboard.

Would it be possible to switch the keycaps for the function keys and keep the rest blank ?

Framework has said that the keycaps are not designed to be removed. Which is normal for laptop keys, I believe. A few people have tried anyway, some have had success, others have broken keys.

Do you mean switch the function keys to non blank? If so, you can get black stickers from Keyshorts and put them just on the function keys if you want. Then you’d have sort of normal looking function keys and the rest blank.

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Ah perfect that’s what I need !

On their site, it says the custom set for the Framework keyboard comes with all keys, but to contact them if you want to leave some blank. I just ordered a full set and will only put on the ones I want.

@BigT do you remember how you ordered your keyshorts keycaps? Did you end up paying $90+ for “perfect fit”, transparent background, black letters, and choose a custom language and fill out their template for how to label keys? Seems like a heck of a lot of money that ought to be be somewhat commonly desired.

I tried selecting their “English [US]” language and it doesn’t even appear to come with the special keys, just letters. All I care about is special keys, not letters.

If you’re able to share a pic of how your keycaps look with the backlight on that would be helpful to me personally.

I’m seeing more discussion in Keycap stickers for the clearcap options and Blank Keyboard - how to adapt for its use? and What is the best way to create custom layout, but nothing is definitively what I’m looking for.