Can i get a new cpu with an improved graphics card

I just found out that my CPU with graphics card installed won’t work with Cities SKylines 2. My cpu is 1 year and a half old. Can I get a new CPU with an improved card? I think the CPU is generation 13.
I can’t afford a new computer, but a new CPU should be affordable. Can a generation 16 work in a generation 13 computer?

No, Framework Laptop 16 parts are not compatible with Framework Laptop 13 ones. The best option is to get an external GPU to play Cities Skylines. You could run it on the integrated GPU (contrary to the min specs) but you wouldn’t get good performance even on 720p I would assume.

Thank you. The news is bad, but you saved me money which is good

You can always hook up an eGPU for better performance. Something like the Razer Core X would be decent and you should be able to find them for cheap on the used market.

Just to clarify, are you saying you have a 13th gen Intel processor? If so, the new AMD boards that are releasing right now have much a better iGPU (especially in the case of the 7840u) than the Intel iGPU. I can’t say for sure if it will work with City Skylines 2, but the new AMD board would work in your 13" Framework laptop.

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City Skylines 2 seems to be quite hungry, it wants to have at least a RX480 or GTX970 - these are old, but still faster than the 780M of Ryzen 7840U in Framework AMD edition. It’s crazy how much power games need nowadays.

So +1 for recommendation of eGPU.

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You would absolutely need an eGPU for Cities Skylines 2 unfortunately. I was playing it on my PC at home that has a Ryzen 5800X3D and a Radeon 6750 XT and wasn’t able to break 60fps on high settings (with vsync, volumetrics, fog, depth of field, etc. disabled)! It’s a really intensive game, which is a real shame because the original Cities Skylines runs great on the Framework Laptop, even my 11th gen i5 one.

Follow up, apparently tweaking some settings causes it to run more acceptably. There’s a youtube video somewhere about it.