Can it use a 2nd hard drive?

For some reason, I formed the impression that the framework could take 2 hard drives, possibly with the 2nd one being a slightly smaller form factor. It’s possible I’m confusing this with another laptop which I decided not to get. Is this right, or am I mistaken?

Note that I’m not talking about the storage expansion module things. I mean an actual 2nd hard drive you could attach to the board.

It can not hold 2 hard drives in it. There is only 1 NVMe slot on the motherboard but you have options to pick on what SSD you want to pick. If you want more space or another hard drive would be in the expansion cards.


I would like to see a s 2nd m.2 SSD drive option. As well as a dedicated graphics cards slot as well.

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The second m.2 would be easier than a slot for a dedicated GPU. As it would be easier to make it small to keep the same size if it was all on 1 motherboard, hence why CPU and GPU tend to be set on even laptops that have expandability. Plus with the GPU would need more power and cooling the Framework laptop is not set up for at the moment. So an eGPU would be easier to make work than an internal GPU since the CPU is Thunderbolt4 capabale

Besides putting the SSD dock into the slot, or putting a 512GB MicroSD into the MicroSD dock into the slot…

What about taking out the Wifi card and replacing it with a 2242 m.2 card?

M.2 2242 is likely too long to fit in the current area unfortunately.

Are there any plans on making the Framework Laptop bigger/more “bulkier,” so that it could support a dedicated GPU or second M.2? If dedicated GPUs were an option, I would hands down buy a framework laptop in an instant! The Framework Laptop concept has always been a dream of mine ever since I got into building computers, and repairing laptops/desktops. Honestly, it would make me decide to finally leave the Apple ecosystem and leave my MacBook Pro behind since in my opinion performance/functionality >= repairability/maintainablity > convenience (Apple products).


A raw PCIe slot could give great performance on eGPUs and flash storage as fast as NVMes. This could just be a module. Yes it would be a but of work to support raw PCIe, but then they shouldn’t have to deal with supporting thunderbolt (esp if they release and AMD version). PCIe > thunderbolt.