Can the Framework Laptop run with the lcd removed?

Can I run the laptop with the screen removed? If I just use the HDMI to an external Screen (or using thunderbolt), would that help with overheating? Do to space limitations I can’t use my TV while having my laptop open which leads to overheating when I play 3A games on it.

As a matter of fact, many laptop motherboards can do it, with the only exception being some particularly expensive units that have some sort of “chassis intrusion” detection, a sensor that prevents the laptop from running outside its chassis.

I won’t link it here because it has already been linked (and quoted) in the forum multiple times across multiple topics, but… I give you a pointer to it: try to search “Elevated System cyberdeck 1.2” on Youtube, and watch what he did in this video. He, basically, took out the laptop’s motherboard from its shell and built a small chassis with a mechanical keyboard on top of it. He also mentions some unspecified “issue” with running the motherboard outside the chassis; but, as said, they are unknown. And, most importantly, it shows the final product running Ubuntu, though he doesn’t show anything in particular, and there is no mention about performances or thermals.
Long story short: yes, it runs. How well it runs, though, it’s a matter of speculation.