Is it feasible to DIY an entire build, but not get the screen, keyboard deck, or fingerprint sensor?

I only started delving into Framework more as of recent. It was already a cool concept. Linus and Louis recommended it (although I watch Louis exclusively since Linus started being more clickbaity as of late)-


Recently I took apart my only Windows laptop and took the time to disconnect my screen and put the WiFi antennae inside the motherboard case.

And it works. And takes up less space than it did with the screen. Wanna mention that I have a drawing tablet I use as my main display, and mostly got tired of having the BIOS on an internal screen.

But that’s the reason I’m asking. I’ve basically got every part in my cart except the stuff above the board. (although I’m not sure if I should get the key deck cover just so the screws fasten, is it worth the Benjamin?)

Any thoughts?

Also just wanna use my old PC as something to mess around with Linux and hardware stuff when I get a soldering station.

I’d say so, yeah. Assuming you are planning to use this as a mobile device, I’d say the loose screws are the least of your worries. You really shouldn’t be operating a laptop with an exposed motherboard–the risk of accidentally shorting a circuit is high. Unless you’re thinking of 3d printing something to close it off? Would be a lot of work.

Also, if you don’t have an input cover and you get tired of the on-screen keyboard someday, you’ll need to use an external keyboard. With an external keyboard and a separate display, this setup wouldn’t really be portable. Might as well use a desktop PC, which would be even more modular.

If I had the space/airflow for it. The only other reason I would be getting this is because I don’t have the space for a full desktop PC. And with it being in a small corner of my room, the amount of heat that desktop would put out would probably suffocate itself. I’m considering moving out once I can gather the funds for it, but for now, I have to be really efficient with the space I have, i.e. not having an internal screen.

I wanna mention that my laptop never leaves my room (other than in the case I spend the night at someones house), so my setup is purposefully not portable. But for what it is, it works just fine until I can get more space.

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There are tiny desktops available, like the Velka 3. My brother has had experience with it, and it is a bit limiting, but you do fit a lot of power into a small space.
Framework still beats that in space and power, so my recommendation is to get something 3D printed, because that can be loads cheaper, and gives a lot of mounting options, such as: under the desk, on the wall, behind the monitor, duct-taped to the screen, etc.

True-true. I’ve looked at NUC-esque systems, but I like having room to fit stuff back in after I take it out, and I love taking stuff apart. lol

But in the case I wanna pack everything up- I can just slip it in my bag without it being too bulky. That’s what I’m going for.

UPDATE: Created a new post after a couple web searches about 3D cases. Would love input.