Headless server possible?

Is it possible to run the mainboard without any monitors connected? (specifically Intel® Core™ i5-1135G7)

Asking because I tried it and for some reason it only seems to boot when I go through my powered docking station which has an attached monitor. When I try to boot with just a power cable it spins for 30 seconds and shuts down.


Are you on the latest BIOS? Can you boot with monitor and then remove the monitor and still interact with it?

Iirc the mainboard has a case switch on it that detects when the top cover (keyboard section) is mounted. If yours is bare, it may blink an LED i believe and not let you boot for its own safety. If you need it to be care you can just tape it down with electrical tape or another non-conducting temporary mount, then try.

If your laptop is assembled but doesn’t boot at all, then it may be something different. If your BIOS is up to date, it shouldn’t have this issue, but if not: when the battery dies, you may have an issue booting it when it’s charged back up. Somewhere in the forums there’s an article wtitten up on fixing it… I’ll have to check for it later.

Even if the laptop needs the primary display, you should still see it boot into windows or whatever other OS and you should still be able to log in and change primary displays from there… though I’m not sure. It should be able to detect a display plugged into any of the ports as primary if its the only one. I assume you’ve tried all 4?

Edit: completely misunderstood your question. Yes it is possible that with no display it throws a boot error and refuses to POST, but i don’t know much more than that or if that’s even the case. @FrameworkBee any thoughts?

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If on the latest BIOS revision, there is a standalone mode that bypasses this. And BeeAPeach is no longer employed by Framework.

Oop, didn’t know this. Thanks!

There a list somewhere of all the FW employees’ forum usernames?

I’m not sure it is exactly what you’re asking for but the menu on your browser page (3 horizontal lines) beside your avatar/user-image has a “groups” option. Give that a try, see next pic for a bit more clarity …


11th Gen BIOS 3.17, which requires a battery (and maybe a display) to install, is required for standalone operation. Without the update, it may not let you access the UEFI Firmware menu without a display attached and the side LEDs will blink.


I assume this also translates with the newest BIOS for 12th gens? And does the display need to be the main one or can it be plugged into one of the side ports and still function properly in UEFI settings (asking for myself later when i take my 12th gen board out and the display is plugged into the board from a port)?

If it is only a question of needing a display: there are dummy hdmi plugs that will emulate a 4k60 screen. I use it for my pi because it was easier to set up (and easier to swap in a real screen if I need to).

But this is of course only possible if you can boot with only an external display.

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Yes that’s about what i was looking for! Who should i be pinging then for questions like above? One of the support team or community mods?

Thanks for finding that!

You’re welcome.

I’m not sure exactly who you’d ping regarding your previous question/comments. There is only one user listed in the support link and I don’t think it would be the mods. Maybe one of the Framework team users. I’d suggest you wait for another member here, someone more experienced with support issues, to advise regarding that.

I believe that without the update, the UEFI settings will only show on the internal display, so an external would not work. I’m not certain on that one though.

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I would avoid pinging anyone directly but members of the Framework team tend to monitor the forums and jump in when they see something they need to respond to. Community Moderators such as myself are volunteers and not Framework employees.