Can this play FFXIV without an eGPU?

Looking to do mild gaming like StarCraft and FFXIV without a eGPU. Was wondering if the laptop can handle it? I’m batch 5 I7, still waiting for delivery.

I’m coming from a 2013 MBP so my gauge of what specs can handle whatever programs/games is 0.



Integrated graphics has come a long way since 2013. The 11th gen Iris Xe graphics specifically is a significant improvement over past generations, having now caught up with AMD’s Vega graphics (but it doesn’t compete with Apple’s new M1 Max and Pro integrated graphics, if you can tolerate their anti-repair practices). It’s suitable for e-sports games and can manage some AAA games at low settings.

This benchmarks page shows that StarCraft 2 ran at 60 frames on the 10th-gen -g4 Iris integrated graphics, so you can be sure it’ll run even better on an 11th-gen -g7 Iris iGPU.

This PCWorld article claims that FFXIV will run at 30 FPS at 1080p on this generation of iGPUs.


Phenomenal! Thanks for the informative help!

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Hey there.

You can certainly play FFXIV on this laptop either using Windows or Linux without an eGPU. Works out OK.


Reporting from Arch Linux, I’ve yet to run any dungeons, but loading in it seemed ‘playable’, although not optimal. I personally believe it would be about equal on windows, but I consider my result to be impressive, especially for a laptop.


Take a look at the table at the bottom of this webpage with numbers i got:

i5 version, with gskill ram (F4-3200C22D-16GRS), and a intel 670p nvme:

Laptop Standard preset, native resolution:
FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker Benchmark
Tested on: 11/13/2021 6:55:04
Score: 3888
Average Frame Rate: 26.64033
Minimum Frame Rate: 12
Performance: Slightly Low
-Capable of running the game, but may experience some slowdown. Adjust settings to improve performance.
Loading Times by Scene
Scene #1 4.992 sec
Scene #2 5.761 sec
Scene #3 8.185 sec
Scene #4 5.686 sec
Scene #5 4.153 sec
Total Loading Time 28.777 sec

Laptop Standard preset, 1920x1080:
FINAL FANTASY XIV: Endwalker Benchmark
Tested on: 11/13/2021 7:04:07
Score: 5617
Average Frame Rate: 39.48919
Minimum Frame Rate: 21
Performance: Standard
-Capable of running the game on default settings.
Loading Times by Scene
Scene #1 4.496 sec
Scene #2 5.582 sec
Scene #3 7.575 sec
Scene #4 3.725 sec
Scene #5 3.823 sec
Total Loading Time 25.201 sec


You guys are over delivering. Thank you so much!