Gaming performance on the iGPU

Hey guys,
I just tried to play a little League of Legends on my 12th gen i5 framework and I was a little disapointed by the performance. I set the settings to “medium” and the FPS counter said it was between 40 and 120 FPS, but it felt really stuttery and complelty unplayable. Has anyone tried running LoL on the framework?
What were your results? Thanks for yours answers

I can get around 60 fps at 1080p medium using an external monitor. Thing is that Iris Xe graphics are not that great to begin with and if you’re running it on the internal display, fps is going to tank even more due to the higher resolution. This is also affected by whether you’re running in single or dual channel. Best option to boost fps on the internal display would be to run it at a lower resolution and use FSR to upscale it to something reasonable.

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There’s also a substantial graphics performance difference between using a single memory module and two memory modules, even if the total capacity ends up the same. If you’re going to be gaming, make sure you’re using two (e.g. 2x8GB DDR4-3200).


You could also try installing the latest WHQL Intel graphics drivers and see if that improves your performance. I know that Intel Arc performance has improved by leaps and bounds through these updates, but I wonder if that extends to the Intel Iris Xe graphics that are found in the 11th, 12th, and 13th gen Frameworks. (Has anyone ever benchmarked this?)

Afaik, many of performance improvements for Intel Arc was optimizing how they used DXVK to translated DX9 games. However, league of legends now runs natively through DX11. I wouldn’t bet on driver updates improving Iris Xe performance massively given that its specification hasn’t changed much for 3 generations. Another thing hampering Iris Xe performance on Framework laptops is the use of DDR4 compared to faster LPDDR4X or DDR5 (conscious decision as LPDDR4X has to be soldered on and they wanted to allow users to use the same ram if upgrading mainboards).

I am already running the latest drivers and I am using 2 sticks of RAM @3200MHz, so I think there is nothing I can do here. Maybe I was underestimating the amount of pixels on the framework display.

Has anyone seen benchmark results of the 7640U?
I checked online, but couldnt find anyhting for that chip, especially in comparison to the 1240p iGPU.

Edit: I just noticed, that LoL is running a lot more smoothly, if I choose “borderless” mode instead of fullscreen. Maybe there is a bug there, since both look the same with only one monitor connected. Anyway, while playing in “borderless”, the game was easily playable, always above 90FPS and not stuttery at all.


That’s good news! And yeah, the resolution of the Framework’s display is quite high, 2256x1504, which is about 3.39 million pixels. In comparison, regular 16:9 1080p is about 2.1 million pixels and 1440p is 3.69.

It’s interesting that the borderless windowed mode has better performance. Usually, it’s actually the fullscreen mode that provides a higher frame rate, but I guess the Intel drivers can be a little bit odd. I’m on the latest driver as of today and I’m actually pretty impressed with the performance I can get out of this thing. The real hinderance is the high resolution display, which is to be expected from a laptop which is focused more on productivity than raw gaming,

That being said, Intel’s latest advances in chip lithography and GPU development have me really optimistic for a truly competitive mobile chip market - AMD’s Strix Point is rumoured to have some compelling performance and Intel’s 20A process node looks like it’s going to be a lot more efficient than what we have now. There’s a lot to look forward to in the coming years for mobile computing.