Is the FW 16 enough for ffxiv's requirements?

I have a preorder for Fw16 laptop.
I recently decided that i want to play final fantasy xiv again and im wondering if the laptop can play the game with the integrated graphics alone?

Otherwise i might have to look into saving more money for the video card.

Based on this page the Framework 16 with the integrated graphics alone should be between the minimum and recommended specs for the graphics card and way better than the recommended for all other categories.

It may require turning down some settings, but it should be playable.


Oke thx
That way i can leave the preorder as is.
Save up for the video card in the future when there is a high demand game i can’t get on ps5.

The laptop is mainly for programming but my gf would want to play ff14 with me so ill be on the ps5 and her on the laptop.


I found this article which covers iGPU performance for FF14. They report a 780M in an AMD 7840U getting 70fps on average on the laptop preset. I am willing to believe it. They show a 12700H getting around 35fps which is about what my laptop with a 13700H/Iris Xe hits when running the game on laptop settings at 2560X1600. The 780M is supposed to have roughly twice the performance of Iris Xe so that tracks almost perfectly here.

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Oke thx.
That confirms what Kyle believes.
I should be good :blush:

I’ve played ffxiv on my fw13 with the intel 15-1340p. It was playable, just not super high-fidelity. The fw16 should be better, especially if you get a graphics module.

This is definitely going to be one of the games I end up playing on my FW16. I’ve been playing since the beta for AAR so I don’t plan to stop any time soon (especially with the new expansion announced). I’m getting the dGPU with my purchase though. I can definitely run a test, but I’m in batch 14 so it’ll be a while.

Hehe i was also in the beta when it started on ps4 or was it ps3.

But we stopped for a bit due to time constraints and since we moved to ps4/5 it became more of a hassle to have 2 tvs and ps5/4 in the living room.

But having a capable laptop will solve this although i have to buy the game again on Windows.

Im in batch 11 sadly so i would know for my case without the dGPU.

But will be interested in the results with it
Might boost my decision to get it sooner

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I had a feeling you might be in an earlier batch than me. I’ve been playing it on PC the whole time. I get time constraints. I haven’t been playing as much the last few months. I do try and hop on for the seasonal events.

It’s worth noting that there is a graphical update to the game coming with Dawntrail in the summer, regardless of whether you own the expansion or not. During the Tokyo Fanfest provisional system requirements were announced and you can find them listed on the expansion’s Steam page - the previous recommended specs are the new minimum, so the iGPU might not cut it. It might be playable on low settings but we can’t know that for sure. Based on previous expansions there will likely be a benchmark released at some point but with the graphical updates in the works this could be a while away yet. I’d recommend getting the dGPU by the time Dawntrail releases if you can.

Well i guess i should start saving up for the expansion and the gpu expansion.

I wonder if its cheaper to add it to my pre order or to just buy it afterwards

I believe it’s the same price regardless. However I haven’t looked up how they do shipping so if the customer pays for shipping then it would be cheaper to buy it with the laptop. However if it’s free shipping then it really doesn’t matter.

$499 USD for it just from the market place.

Looks like it’s +$400 in the configurator, but since it’s +$99 for both I’m guessing that the price of the empty bay is already added into the total and is $99. So that would make it $499 total in the configurator.


It is $499 either way (or $99 for the shell), however when buying it with the laptop they build $99 into the base price of the laptop (and offer the shell for free or the graphics module for $400).

Buying the laptop with the shell and buying the GPU later is the same price as buying the laptop with both.

However if you buy the laptop with the GPU in the first place that saves $99 by avoiding also buying a shell.

You’re right. I didn’t consider that you’re already paying for the shell in the first place (although I knew it was calculated into the price).

So I guess it’s technically more expensive to buy the GPU at a later time, unless you planned on buying both the shell and the GPU. If you buy the GPU later you’ve already payed for the shell.

Ah good point.
Im submitting a ticket now to add a GPU.
I have been given permission by my partner :slight_smile:

She also wants to play ffxiv with good graphics i think :wink:

Hopefully it won’t change my place in the pre order queue

Thx for all the help everyone one.
Now to start planning the next years of my life again around ffxiv. We still have to finish shadow bringer if i remember correctly.

And she has to finish the Talos Principle because there won’t be time after i restart the subscriptions…

Unfortunately adding a GPU isn’t possible for pre-orders. You would have to cancel the pre-order and make a new one, losing your place in the queue.
But I think the sales for the GPU in the marketplace might open before the laptop exits pre-production.

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Out of curiosity for the graphics upgrade it looks like Square Enix will not be dropping PS4 support for FF14, so we can expect the game to run (hopefully) acceptably on the PS4 after the 7.0 update. That gives us some baseline because we can compare the PS4 GPU and the Radeon 780M. The 780M has fewer compute units but is much newer silicon with theoretically better performance listed. The newer minimum specs on the PC listing are higher but so long as they are maintaining PS4 support I suspect iGPUs will do fine with the game.