Can we have a bezel with internal round corners?

Like this (source:

You can have it if you’re willing to design and 3d print one.

Not sure why you’d want that. You’d be covering pixels at the corners.

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I kind of get it. Round corner screens are popular because of edge-to-edge phone screens. And just because they weren’t previously available. Some things are just style and for the feel, and that’s ok. It’s very few pixels lost, plus there is nothing which would be hidden that you need.

But I don’t know if doing it with a bezel would work perfectly. There is a thin black non-active edge around the boarder of the screen in the image, if Frameworks also have that, then the rounded corners will look artificially cut-off.

To each their own I suppose.

My concern would be now that you have the bezel covering points on the display, there is the potential for increased pressure on the display or pressure transfer which may lead to more damaged displays.

I agree that logically it’s bad, however personally I like the aesthetics of it and will probably buy one if it is ever offered.

I also would like to see a rounded camera cutout. Framework previously said square looks better, although I suspect circular (or rounded square) could look good on a bezel with rounded display corners.

That looks like an argument against rounded corners! So not sure why you’d pick that review.

Another oddball thing about the Surface Laptop Studio is that the screen has rounded corners. Now, it’s true that windows and menus across Windows 11 have also picked up rounded corners—you might call it the “cornerstone” of the new operating system’s design! But you might also notice that the corners of fullscreen windows and windows that have been Snapped anywhere on the screen still have square corners, because Windows still expects monitors to have squared edges.

Here’s Windows 11 on a typical square-cornered screen. The mouse pointer is all the way in the top-left corner of the screen, and it’s still fully visible.

Windows 11 on the Laptop Studio’s screen. The rounded corner obscures part of the mouse pointer, and it encroaches on the title bar icon, too.

Windows 11 on the Laptop Studio doesn’t treat its rounded-corner screen differently from any other display. This means that each corner of the screen has a small pocket of pixels that Windows expects to exist but that you cannot actually see. The corners of windows (and the mouse pointer, when moved to the corners of the screen) are thus partially obscured.

The effect, when using fullscreen apps, is to make window corners look rounded anyway, and I can’t think of any app or game where this would actually make a substantive difference. Still, it’s an odd design decision to use a screen with rounded corners and an operating system that isn’t aware of them.

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I’m implying that the product is there, since back then, from Microsoft, and in spite of the review, rounded corner is here to stay…for at least awhile, in the Windows 11 era. As much as it is a personal preference (or not), it’s a Windows 11 design language.

How about this, logically: When was the last time those corner pixels had anything useful to display or interact with? Why even waste energy (ever so little amount) to render and light up those useless pixels? Plus, your eyes are not shaped with right angles.

Framework isn’t sold solely with Windows. You also have Chromebooks and no OS, for us Linux users.

Personally, I like slightly rounded corners. But pointing to it being the current Windows 11 design language doesn’t do anything to lend it support in my opinion.

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Not saying to remove the choice of having right angles internal corners. I’m asking for providing an additional choice.

Just like we’re not saying USB-A shouldn’t exist just because we have USB-C expansion cards.

Add an option. People are so drawn to A vs B, one or the other discussions. This isn’t that. This is a “Can we have more choices?” question.

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Is there a thin black non-active edge around the border of the Framework screen? If so, a rounded bezel will look bad / artificially cut-off.

Doubling the amount of bezels from 6 to 12 that Framework has to produce and stock at fulfillment depots does add costs.

It doesn’t feel worth it. 3d printing a bezel feels like the way to fill this niche. Hope FW can bring us the model, maybe when the FW16 craze dies down.

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That would be very expensive (needing an addition injection moulding setup, additional inventory and warehouse management) for extremely little gain, if any at all. You’re just obscuring pixels in the corners. There are lots of areas where I would rather have options instead (matte/glossy screen, screen resolutions, keyboard layouts, expansion cards etc., but it’s okay that they don’t exist yet, because options are expensive)


Ah…forgotten about all that. That’s why we don’t have one surface finish, no colours (environmental impact). There are things Framework just wouldn’t do then.

I had this laptop for 6-7 years and I’ve never needed to have the screen itself to have rounded corner.
The screen’s chassis was rounded on the outside and there was not even a single idea to remove pixels from the screen by covering them in some kind of plastic.

If you really want a rounded corner to cover some pixels then you can make a cardboard cutout and stick it to the screen. This is way cheaper than buying a separate screen bezel and then shipping it.

Also FW supports this by allowing you to take the bezel off and work on it. I don’t see any problems with it.
You can take the bezel and give it to a frame shop so that they would take hot glue and stick a black cutout onto it. Then you’ll have your bezel the way you want it. Isn’t this what you wanted?

No. I want a drop-in solution to provide the aesthetics. Reading the process you mentioned worn me out mentally (plus it’s a Monday :frowning: ). What you need / don’t need has no relation to what I want / don’t want (we’re individuals). …and grow your own vegetables is way cheaper than shipping them to the supermarkets for you to buy from (my point, I don’t want to be a farmer…and don’t want to be a DIYer in this case).

Through this thread, it was pointed out that the bezel alone isn’t sufficient as the solution. It likely will need to be combined with the display panel. Making this even more expensive. Not something Framework, at its current size / scale, would take it. Cosmetic bells & whistles / refinements are just not something that’s worth while to Framework it seems (base on what’s been said in this thread)…

MJ1 and Jonathan talked me out of it.

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I think that at some point somebody should make one for themselves for the same aesthetic feel and maybe it would be possible to buy it from then on.