Can you Buy a with a custom/different bassel or different Keyboard?

Hallo there!

I would like to buy a laptop (11. or 12. gen doesn’t matter for now). I woud love to use it with a clear ISO Keyboard and I woud buy it as the DIY-Kit.

Question: Is it possible to buy the DIY-Kit with a “custom” (clear or blank) keyboard? Or with a orange bassle?

Greetings from the EU/ Germany
Johannes T.


Have you looked at

I was wondering the same thing, will a Nordic/Scandinavian layout be available at some point?

Also, will there be versions where the Function keys and Fn keys are swapped? I mean so that I can actually use the function row without having to press Fn all the time? I’ve tried and researched about this so much, but the solution is always to get a different keyboard because software can’t reverse it. Oh, actually HP allows it to be reversed in the BIOS, is this the case here? Or could it be?

There’s a FN lock, and you can switch FN with Control in BIOS.

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Yes if seen that, but I want the custom keyboard shipped with my new unit not buy an replacement/ Extra one

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Ah! So many of the keyboards are not available yet and you will have to wait to buy it all together. I little sad but not as bad as not having a framework due to it not all being ‘perfect’ :slight_smile: